Keeping Cool (and Warm!) During Richmond’s Changing Seasons

After living in the Southeastern United States for more than a decade, I’ve come to appreciate the unique seasons this region has to offer. The climate in a city such as Richmond is varied and exciting. Summers are hot and humid, while winters can be frigid and icy. Spring and fall are beautiful seasons that bring occasional surprises in the form of a heat wave or a cold snap. Living in Richmond is much more comfortable when we have effective heating and cooling systems to keep our homes at a stable temperature all year round.


Hot Summer Days

Life in the American South was very different before the invention of air conditioning. People spent long, lazy evenings outdoors on screened porches, visiting with neighbors over tall glasses of iced tea. Houses were designed to allow a maximum flow of air through different rooms. When the weather got really hot, some businesses would even close to allow workers a bit of relief but others like Assured Climate work through the heat. The annual summer vacation enjoyed by Congress can be traced back to the years when there was no air conditioning in Washington! Continue reading Keeping Cool (and Warm!) During Richmond’s Changing Seasons

Finding a Good Defense Attorney Can Be Easy

Your choice of an attorney can have serious consequences, particularly when you are in need of a defense attorney, but, let’s face it, when you need a defense attorney, you are probably not prepared for or capable of an in depth search.

What’s at Stake?

Whether you have been charged with a traffic violation or are facing the consequences of drunk driving, the long term effects of the charges can be hard to bear. You might be facing consequences such as:

  • License suspension or revocation
  • Hefty fines and restitution services
  • Court ordered classes
  • Criminal record, even felony charges
  • Jail time

The services of a qualified and experienced attorney will be very valuable to you in this situation. With this understanding, you might feel a bit nervous about how to identify the right lawyer. Here is a resource for Richmond Bail Bonds.

How to Find a Good Lawyer

There are some pretty common tactics when it comes to finding a qualified lawyer. The first might be to talk to someone who has recently used the services of a traffic lawyer. Just make sure that this type of referral comes from someone whom you trust. Another method of choosing a lawyer is to watch a few in action. Visit a courtroom during some public sessions and consider the services of a lawyer that impresses you. Finally, you can seek out a lawyer through professional organizations and directories. One such organization is

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Renting Versus Buying A House: Which Option Is Best?

Homeownership isn’t for everyone. Many people are better off renting than owning. But knowing which option is best for you requires taking a close look at your finances and living preferences. For example, do you have a job that requires you to move on a regular basis? Are tax deductions particularly attractive given your income? Are you attempting to rebuild your credit profile? These and many other factors should play a role in deciding whether you should rent or own.

owning or renting

Below, we’ll present both sides of the issue of Renting Versus Buying A House. We’ll first present the advantages of renting, and then focus on the benefits of owning your home. You may discover that the decision is less clear than you once thought, and depends on more than mere finances.

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5 Mistakes To Avoid Making When Buying A Home in Richmond

5 Mistakes To Avoid Making When Buying A Home In Richmond

A single home buying mistake can turn your search for the ideal home into a nightmare. Most mistakes are innocent; they’re not committed out of greed or malicious intent. Instead, blunders typically occur when buyers overlook important detail, or are unfamiliar with the home buying process. Unfortunately, once such missteps are committed, their effects can be felt for years.

This article will introduce you to five mistakes many Richmond people make when purchasing a house. While first-time buyers are the most common offenders, these blunders can – and do – happen to those who have been through the process multiple times in the past.


1 – Becoming Invested In A “Dream” Home

A lot of home buyers fall in love with houses they stumble upon that are seemingly ideal. Resist the temptation. When you become emotionally invested in a property that appears to be “perfect,” you’ll be less inclined to negotiate with the seller. You may agree to pay a higher price than you normally would, or turn a blind eye to “minor” problems, such as a leaky roof.

Before looking at Richmond homes for sale, write down your priorities. If they are written, you’ll be less likely to compromise on the items you and your family need.

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Common Steps Behind the Best Lit Homes and Properties in Richmond, Virginia

Landscape lighting plays two very important roles on your property. These two roles are to add to the allure and inviting aspect of your yard and to provide a higher level of security to your property. As you work to add landscaping lighting to your property, you’ll want to keep these two purposes in mind. However, this is a third aspect which you’ll also want to keep in mind and that is the direction in which your own personal tastes run.


As you work to design the landscaping for your home or business properties, you can look at some examples from the best lit properties in Richmond, Virginia in order to pinpoint some common features or common steps taken by the designers of the landscapes.

1. The Lighting is Chosen to Suit the Purpose of the Landscaping

If you have a cozy place in the backyard where you hope to host casual or romantic gatherings, then your chosen lighting needs to be diffused or softly camouflaged by other aspects of your landscaping. On the other hand, if you have a path to be lit for safe travel at night, then you’ll want to choose path lights which fit into the overall scheme of your landscaping design. Drawing attention to important focal features, increasing visibility around your business property, or providing maximum visibility for nighttime entertaining are all reasons for installing landscape lighting and when the lighting is chosen specifically to serve the assigned purposes, the rest of your landscaping features will be better reflected.

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Ways To Go Green On The Cheap

I don’t know about you, but not everyone has the money to afford one of those fancy, new, and innovative vehicles that run off alternative fuel. I also don’t know if you can afford to install solar panels and catch the rays of the Sun to power your home. However, I do know that there are several ways that you can go green and do your part to conserve the environment. Here are just a few ways that will help you preserve the Earth’s precious resources and maybe even save you some cash along the way.

1. No More Bottled Water: Yes, bottled water is an easy and convenient way to hydrate while you’re on the go. I myself am guilty of grabbing a new water bottle instead of refilling my old one, as I am sure many other do too. However, the plastic and materials used to create water bottles are difficult to recycle, and most people just end up throwing them in the trash anyway. If you want to make a difference, stop buying new water bottles and try refilling some of your old ones. Although this may be a hard habit to break, try filling a bunch and leaving them in the fridge so you have cold water always at your fingertips.

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